Cloud-Native Application Development Services

Leverage modern tools and techniques to build, deploy and maintain modern software applications on cloud architecture.

Why Cloud-Native?

Cloud-Native strategies ensure faster go-to-market applications, flexible scalability and error-free compliance.
Cloud-Native architecture is flexible, allowing consumption on-demand with multiple cost and operational benefits.
Cloud-Native approaches enable the leverage of automation techniques that simplify the management and operation of applications.
The long term financial benefits of cloud-native applications are driven by their likely longer-life and their efficiency in using cloud resources.

Services by Fingent

Use Cases

With a Cloud-Native application infrastructure, enterprises work within the best practices of DevOps, while giving you improved agility and enhanced productivity. With on-demand elastic scaling and the power of cloud bursting, there is significantly better scalability of computing power, storage, and resources at your disposal. Employing pay-per-use models improves application operating costs particularly for highly variable or uncertain usage scenarios.

Tech Consulting

Developing Cloud Native capabilities with hyper-scalers by

Building capabilities with AWS Services

Leveraging Google Cloud platform-based solutions

Creating solutions for Microsoft Azure Cloud Native Applications

Why Fingent?

With close to two decades in creating highly focused, robust and effective web applications that benefit the bottom-line for clients globally, Fingent has the advantage of leveraging vast and varied expertise to cater to every modern business requirement.
As an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization, security and implementation best practices are the foundation of every project undertaken.

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Cloud native computing is a software development architecture and approach that uses cloud computing to create and run highly scalable applications in dynamic environments such as public, private, and even hybrid clouds.
As a cloud provider, the primary service is to allocate underlying machines, ensuring scalability, up or down as needed, and even turn-offs on an automated basis.
There are several – end products that are faster to release into the market, ease of management, financial savings, increased systems reliability and supportability, no vendor lock-in, ease of scalability, auto-provisioning, and many more.
Here are some questions to help you answer that:
  • Does your organization have a varied IT demand throughout the year?
  • Are your IT costs formidable, preventing growth?
  • Are your current security measures not meeting your needs?
  • Is your technological landscape expanding, with increased costs and more need for remote access?
If your answer to even two of these questions is yes, then you must consider moving to Cloud-native infrastructures.
Yes, this is possible and is customized to your organization.
Yes, Fingent provides a wide range of options to accommodate any kind of support requirement on completion of a project. contact Us
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